Webinar: The Rise of Mobile DevOps

Discover the rich history of DevOps and learn how it can apply to the world of mobile applications.

In the 2000s, companies like Google were the first to rely on Site Reliability Engineers and DevOps teams to build and test with continuous delivery. Thanks in part to this practice, these companies streamlined how they monitor and deliver releases, allowing them to grow into some of the biggest tech companies today.

Only recently have we seen companies focus on the mobile market, a massively growing industry that competes with and often surpasses its web counterpart. Engineers are realizing how valuable DevOps can be for mobile teams, but they aren't sure how to implement it. In this webinar, we'll cover what KPIs mobile teams should focus on and how to best include DevOps into your mobile teams.

Topics covered:

  • The history of DevOps and its origin from Unicorns
  • What KPIs traditional DevOps Engineers measure
  • How these KPIs should be applied to the mobile space
  • The importance of mobile-first teams


Christine Hermawan
Christine Hermawan
Head of Product at Embrace

David Yates
David Yates
Computer Information Systems Professor at Bentley University

Thomas McGonagle
Thomas McGonagle
Senior Cloud Operations Engineer at Homesite

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