First impressions matter. The very first experience your users have with your mobile app has far-reaching effects on whether they’ll convert into loyal users, and that experience begins with how long it takes your app to start.

You won’t get many — if any — second chances. With mobile increasingly becoming a primary revenue mechanism for businesses, the competition is only getting tougher. It’s no longer enough to produce an app that doesn’t crash. The next wave of differentiation is on performance and the underlying user experience.

In this eBook, we’ll show you how you can deliver an optimized startup time that delights your users:

  • Identify and fix the common causes of slow startup times
  • Uncover failures that stem from multiple factors, including the code, device state, network connection, and third-party SDKs
  • Spot current tooling gaps and what you can do to bridge them
  • Adopt best practices for testing, monitoring, and measuring startup time

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