You can only grow your mobile applications so far before you must address the pains of scaling. Past a certain team size, it becomes difficult to onboard new engineers to a large codebase, safely work on features that won’t break code elsewhere in your app, and build new features without creating brittle code.

As mobile takes on increasing importance to a business’s long-term success, this march towards larger teams working on more complex applications will punish companies that do not build a solid foundation for balancing innovation while maintaining performance and feature velocity.

In this eBook, we’ll cover several design patterns from gaming that your teams can apply today to successfully scale from tens to hundreds of engineers:

  • How multiplexing can efficiently process expensive tasks and deliver predictable performance
  • How state machines can reduce complexity, improve debugging, and accelerate new engineer onboarding
  • How entity component systems can streamline component creation so engineers can build independently without source control contention

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