Mobile success demands perfection.

You're making big bets on customers engaging with your enterprise through mobile, but the observability ecosystem today is datacenter-first. General purpose observability platforms can identify failures in virtualized infrastructure, containers and Kubernetes, microservices, and cloud-native architectures, but most view what's happening on a mobile device only through the lens of a few metrics alongside basic crash and error data.

Mobile experiences can be impacted by an endless combination of user actions, devices, connectivity, third-party SDKs, location variables, and more. The largest revenue-impacting issues and optimization opportunities are uncovered when you capture the data from every session, and can understand it both from an aggregate impact (like what crashes are occurring), and from an individual user and session basis.

In this webinar, we’ll cover where you should be investing for long-term success in mobile:
  • The shortcomings of existing tools that slow down your mobile-first initiatives 
  • The top 5 objectives to promote product optimization and innovation  
  • How the future of mobile will unlock workforce productivity and revenue potential
  • The x-factor you need to succeed in a mobile-first world  


Andrew Tunall
Andrew Tunall
Head of Product, Embrace

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