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Your users hate your crash-free app.

Mobile teams frequently focus on solving crashes and errors because that’s the extent of their mobile monitoring visibility. Meanwhile, users keep abandoning the app due to slowdowns, freezes, jank, battery draining, high memory usage, and more. These revenue-impacting issues remain undetected because they rarely stem from a single, easily identifiable coding error.

Join this webinar if your mobile team struggles to proactively address performance regressions before they impact users. We’ll highlight several gaps in traditional monitoring approaches, including how you can stop the business-impacting issues that are already in your app:

  • What unified mobile monitoring is and why your team struggles without it
  • Why you need both technical details and user behavior to remove startup bloat
  • How app freezes and ANRs can finally be solved with a holistic approach
  • Why your backend monitoring is not nearly enough to fix networking issues


Anuj Jaiswal
VP of Research & Development, Embrace

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