Learn how to translate user complaints into actionability

Mobile teams struggle when responding to feedback from users on Google Play Store reviews. Users often complain of a "crash," but with the limited information they provide, it’s impossible to prove whether it was a crash or some other issue. CS teams can only share these reviews internally before replying to users with a simple, canned response.

Users are frustrated because they are not getting meaningful answers, and mobile teams are frustrated because they cannot properly investigate these issues. Without a way to tie complaints to the underlying user sessions, teams cannot understand the root cause of the problem, how many users are affected, and the underlying impact on their business.

And for every user that complains, there are ten who just silently leave. This impacts churn, session engagement, and LTVs.

In this webinar, we’ll cover how Embrace is the only mobile-first platform that provides complete visibility into every user complaint, empowering mobile teams to do the following:

  • Understand what the user actually experienced and get back to them quicker
  • Prioritize the issues to solve in order to maximize revenue and retention
  • Make the entire mobile team — from Engineering to CS — happier with faster, more efficient issue remediation
  • Drive business decisions with data instead of guesswork


Christine Hermawan
Christine Hermawan
Head of Product Growth, Embrace

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