ANRs are killing your mobile app.

ANRs cause freezes and crashes that lead frustrated users to write negative reviews before uninstalling your app. In addition, your high ANR rate is tanking your Google Play Store ranking, reducing discoverability and organic installs while greatly increasing your user acquisition costs.

The Google Play Console only provides a stack trace at a single point in time, with no effective way to intelligently group ANRs, see true business impact, or have enough diagnostic context to solve the underlying issue.

That ends with this webinar. You will walk away knowing how to address the ANRs that are hurting your business the most, including:

  • How ANRs cause churn and reduced ranking
  • Why ANRs have historically been difficult to solve
  • How to prioritize ANRs based on business impact, including smarter grouping by package and stack trace commonalities
  • How stack trace flame graphs get your team closer to the code responsible so they finally have the data needed to solve them


Christine Hermawan
Christine Hermawan
Chief Product Officer, Embrace

Ed Chen
Ed Chen
Senior Systems Engineer, Embrace

Google Play Store charts

ANR flame graph

ANR stack trace flame graph

ANR stack trace flame graph

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