Webinar: Solve that "Impossible" Crash

Get an in-depth understanding of the systems underpinning iOS applications. You’ll learn exactly what all the components of a crash report mean, why they are in that report, and how you can use them and your new skills to solve crashes others call impossible.

Note: Though the examples presented are for iOS, the information applies to all frameworks and languages. Every mobile developer will walk away with a debugging superpower in their back pocket.

Topics covered:

  • The history of crashes. Why does this behavior exist at all?
  • How modern operating systems load and run programs. To learn how they crash, you have to understand how they run.
  • The anatomy of a crash report
  • Putting it all together to solve problems


Eric Lanz
Eric Lanz
Senior iOS Engineer at Embrace
Former Senior iOS Engineer at Apple and Niantic

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