Build better mobile experiences with deep user insights

Embrace’s unified mobile monitoring and observability platform helps mobile development teams modernize their mobile monitoring by auto-collecting and aggregating all mobile data to produce unified dashboards, comprehensive out-of-the-box user session detail and intuitive analytics. With Embrace mobile teams:

Know where to prioritize and take action

  • Easily identify issues and find the root cause with more accuracy with high-fidelity data across every user session and industry-leading alerting.

Confidently correlate issues with business impact

  • Identify and prioritize the issues impacting your customers the most with seamless correlation and impact analytics.

Improve mobile team execution and collaboration

  • Unify mobile analytics across network requests, app errors, events, and crashes so teams can release and respond with confidence.

Drive sustainable growth for your mobile app

  • Modernize and unify your mobile monitoring process to unlock your mobile app’s true growth potential.

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